NovelTeas Tea Shop, Barbados

Review of NovelTeas tea shop in Hastings, Barbados.

If you're looking for a Barbados restaurant, it's nice to find a place where you can have lunch at a reasonable price. The NovelTeas tea shop on the corner of Hastings Road and Harts Gap is one such place. Although it is a tea shop, it offers a full menu with a wider range than you would expect to find in a classic tea shop.

NovelTeas, Hastings, Barbados

Menu and Drinks

NovelTeas offers English breakfast, sandwiches and a range of hot dishes, including pasta and soup, as well as salads. There are also pasties and small sweet treats as well is a choice of cakes. But where the shop really wins out is in the choice of teas — there are dozens available in almost any flavour you can think of.

On my most recent visit I didn't sample the tea. Instead, I went for one of the juices. Be warned, not all the juices are fresh — many of them are made from concentrate or powder. However there are fresh fruit smoothies and there is often lemonade made from real lemons. Continue reading “NovelTeas Tea Shop, Barbados”

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